Problems installing gmp

Herve Pages hpages at
Fri Jul 21 19:12:36 CEST 2006

Hi Ruben,

I don't know if my problem is related to yours because I'm on a
sparc + Solaris 2.9 system ('gcc -v' shows 'Target: sparc-sun-solaris2.9')
but it looks very similar.
When trying to install gmp 4.2.1 yesterday, 'make check' gave me
a '9 of 9 tests failed' result too with errors due to complaining
about the wrong format of
I spent the rest of my day trying to figure out how to solve this problem
and finally realized that the config.guess script provided with gmp 4.2.1
(and called by the configure script) was guessing a different canonical
system name than the one guessed by the configure script provided with
gcc 4.1.1 for example.

With config.guess from gmp 4.2.1:
  hpages at churchill:/usr/local/src/gmp-4.2.1> ./config.guess

With config.guess from gcc 4.1.1:
  hpages at churchill:/usr/local/src/gcc-4.1.1> ./config.guess

Configuring gmp with
  ./configure --build=sparc-sun-solaris2.9
solved the problem.



Hervé Pagès
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