highly critical documentation bug

Torbjorn Granlund tg-this-will-bounce-but-I-am-subscribed-to-the-list-honest at swox.com
Wed Dec 13 19:44:41 CET 2006

Paul.Zimmermann at loria.fr (Paul Zimmermann) writes:

  There is a big problem in the GMP documentation: the crucial mpn_divexact_1
  function is not documented. With that function, I was able to improve my
  code by almost 4%!
Darn.  4% more to catch up with...

  As requested in the "Reporting Bugs" section of the GMP manual:
  * The GMP version number: 4.2.1
  * A test program: info gmp
  * A description of what is wrong: mpn_divexact_1 is missing
  * If you get a crash: no
  * Please do not send core dumps: ok
  * The configuration options: ./configure --with-full-documentation
  * The name of the compiler and its version: gcc 4.2-latest-snapshot
  * The output from running `uname -a': Linux paris.loria.fr 2.6.18-1.2239.fc5 #1 SMP Fri Nov 10 12:51:06 EST 2006 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
  * The output from running `./config.guess', and from running
       `./configfsf.guess' (might be the same): x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
       (it is the same)
  * If the bug is related to `configure': no
  * If the bug is related to an `asm' file: I guess no
This is an exemplary bug report!

Unfortunately, I cannot help, since mpn_divexact_1 is a secret GMP

And secrets are edged tools that must be kept from children and from

  Since it is a highly critical problem, I am waiting soon for a new release
  fixing it.
Yes, once the planned removal of division, this problem should go away.


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