Updated bug report: gmp4.2.1 install on itanium2 running unix

Paul Nanninga paul.nanninga at anu.edu.au
Fri Dec 1 04:39:15 CET 2006

Hi (again),

Looks like there is no problem with gmp-4.2.1 with gcc on the itanium 2.

I have received a reply from one of the adminstrators of the altix system on
which I was trying to install gmp. Here is his message:

"On AC, if you load the intel-cc module into your environment, CC
is set to icc so that icc is picked up during builds.  You can
module unload intel-cc
to not get icc.  Of course, icc generally produces much faster
code than gcc on Itanium.


So we can now see why icc was being used instead of gcc.

Then I did as David stated: module unload intel-cc, then tried
to reinstall gmp from scratch. Everything worked fine using gcc.

So, it looks like icc was the only problem.

I attach the latest files for your information.

Sorry if any inconvenience caused.


Paul Nanninga

Paul Nanninga
Tel: (02) 6125 6241
E-mail: paul.nanninga at anu.edu.au

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