Include dummy ASM_END definition in mpn/asm-defs.m4 for PowerPC

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Tue Apr 11 20:04:35 CEST 2006

David Chau <ddcc at MIT.EDU> writes:

  - The M4 macro ASM_END is undefined, since only Linux, AIX, and Darwin on
  PowerPC defines it, and I'm using none of those OS's. Could you add a dummy
  definition for ASM_END to mpn/asm-defs.m4, similar to the dummy definition
That makes sense.

  - mode1o.asm uses the macro LEA(r7, modlimb_invert_table). Again, this is
  defined only for AIX, Darwin, and Linux. Can you tell me if there's a
  reasonably generic implementation of this macro for PowerPC (maybe assuming
  that we're not building PIC)?
I don't know anything about some embedded ABI for powerpc.
Perhaps you could compile a test case,

        static int *localvar;
        void *getlocaladdr ()   { return &localvar; }
        extern int *globalvar;
        void *getglobaladdr ()  { return &globalvar; }

using "-O -S" and "-O -S -fPIC" and send both resulting assembly
files to the list?


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