Bug: "unsigned long" != "size_t" in tal-notreent.c

librik@panix.com librik at panix.com
Mon Apr 3 18:56:31 CEST 2006

Here's another small fix for tal-notreent.c (and gmp-impl.h).

Several function prototypes and local variables in GMP 4.2's
tal-notreent.c use the type "unsigned long" to hold the size
of a range of memory.  This is often acceptable, but it's not
guaranteed to be sufficiently large on 64-bit architectures.

Luckily, ANSI C provides a type "size_t" which is required to
be wide enough to hold a the size of range of memory, so this
is easy to fix.

--- tal-notreent.c.sizet        2006-04-01 14:26:27.286100800 -0600
+++ tal-notreent.c      2006-03-14 09:57:54.000000000 -0600
@@ -34,6 +34,6 @@

-static size_t max_total_allocation = 0;
-static size_t current_total_allocation = 0;
+static unsigned long max_total_allocation = 0;
+static unsigned long current_total_allocation = 0;

 static tmp_stack xxx = {&xxx, &xxx, 0};
@@ -47,5 +47,5 @@
    through the TMP_ALLOC macro, which takes care of rounding/alignment.  */
 void *
-__gmp_tmp_alloc (size_t size)
+__gmp_tmp_alloc (unsigned long size)
   void *that;
@@ -58,6 +58,6 @@
       void *chunk;
       tmp_stack *header;
-      size_t chunk_size;
-      size_t now;
+      unsigned long chunk_size;
+      unsigned long now;

       /* Allocate a chunk that makes the  total current allocation somewhat

--- gmp-impl.h.sizet    2006-04-01 14:27:53.339840000 -0600
+++ gmp-impl.h  2006-03-23 11:20:12.000000000 -0600
@@ -358,5 +358,5 @@
   void *alloc_point;
-void *__gmp_tmp_alloc _PROTO ((size_t)) ATTRIBUTE_MALLOC;
+void *__gmp_tmp_alloc _PROTO ((unsigned long)) ATTRIBUTE_MALLOC;
 void __gmp_tmp_mark _PROTO ((struct tmp_marker *));
 void __gmp_tmp_free _PROTO ((struct tmp_marker *));
@@ -368,5 +368,5 @@
 #define TMP_BALLOC(n)          TMP_ALLOC(n)
 #define TMP_ALLOC(n)                                                   \
-  __gmp_tmp_alloc (ROUND_UP_MULTIPLE ((size_t) (n), __TMP_ALIGN))
+  __gmp_tmp_alloc (ROUND_UP_MULTIPLE ((unsigned long) (n), __TMP_ALIGN))
 #define TMP_SFREE              TMP_FREE
 #define TMP_FREE               __gmp_tmp_free (&__tmp_marker)

The rules I've learned from reading comp.lang.c are that,
in a portable C program, you should only use the keyword
"long int" if you need a type that is:
    * guaranteed to be at least 32 bits wide, or
    * guaranteed to be wider than "short int", or
    * required to match a system call interface that uses "long".

Most comp.lang.c rules are pretty ridiculous, but I think this
is a sensible one.  It helps avoid the mistake of treating
"long" integers as equivalent to natural machine words (32 bits
or 64 bits).

- David Librik
librik at panix.com

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