sparcv9 problems with --enable-cxx

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Thu Mar 10 11:56:38 CET 2005

Alex S Moore <asmoore at> writes:

  I have been successfully building gmp for some time now, but I was not using
  the --enable-cxx configure option.  Now, I want to add --enable-cxx.  I
  built sparcv8, sparcv8plus and sparcv8plus+vis without a hitch.  But I need
  help with sparcv9.
  GMP version: 4.1.4
  config.guess shows: ultrasparc2-sun-solaris2.8
  Using Sun's compiler and make (/usr/ccs/bin/make).
  cc -V: cc: Sun C 5.5 Patch 112760-15 2004/11/10
  CC -V: CC: Sun C++ 5.5 Patch 113817-09 2004/08/03
The rumors tells me that is there isn't much chance compiling a
modern C++ program with the Sun C++ compiler.  We have not had
any luck compiling GMP with Sun's C++, not even a recent one.

You need to get gcc/g++.


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