Infinite loop in mpz_probab_prime_p

Darin Ohashi darin242 at
Fri Mar 4 15:25:51 CET 2005

>While there was too much dividing, it turns out that most of the
>time is spent in the Miller-Rabin code.  You need to be more
>patient, you are requesting a really huge computation.

Yeah, I did some more experimentation overnight and found that eventually it
did complete. As long as it is expected to take that long then it is not a 

I think I was thrown by the fact that I tried a bunch of similarly sized
integers and they all finished very quickly.  However I guess they all had
trival divisors.

Did you add a check for the potential overflow from ln2 = ln2*ln2 ?  For 
very very large integers
this could be a problem.

Thanks for the help


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