GMP 4.1.4 build problems on Alpha/TruUnix

ewmayer at ewmayer at
Wed Jun 15 00:46:30 CEST 2005

Hi, Torbjörn:

I tried building the latest version of GMP (4.1.4) on an Alpha/TruUnix 
system yesterday. The build seemed successful, but the self-tests 


Should make-configure default to gcc on this kind of system? (There is 
a native C compiler installed, which I use for builds of my own code). 
If so, what is the meaning of the make-test error messages at the above 
URL? If not, how do I force make to use the native C compiler ( 
/usr/bin/cc )? I would prefer the latter in any event since I expect it 
will produce a faster binary, but I first simply wanted to build using 
the default options and see if I could use the result to link into a 
build of GMP-ECM 6.0.1. (Haven't tried building the latter yet - not 
much point until the GMP build problem is resolved).


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