GMP on IA64-HPUX (FX Coudert)

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Wed Dec 14 23:51:07 CET 2005

"Golliver, Roger A" <roger.a.golliver at> writes:

  I too think there are some GMP issues.

Then We are all a big happy family that enthusiastically agree
that GMP 4.1.4 does not work on ia64-hpux.

  I looked at a bit, and wasn't convinced that all the ifdefs were correct
  for the HP-UX PA and HP-UX IPF distinction.

If somebody have plain and clean patches to make 4.1.4 work, I
could put them on the GMP web page.

But as I've pointed out before, there are many issues with the HP
compilers that will create problems with GMP.  You might be lucky
to have a release that does not miscompile GMP, but most releases
do not work at the default optimization level.

I am not saying that the reason why GMP 4.1.4 does not work on
ia64-hpux is HP compiler bugs.  It is not due to GMP bugs either.
It is because GMP 4.1 has not been ported to that platform.

What I am saying is that once a port have been done, compiler
bugs are very likely to become an issue.

(I've done porting work with the GMP development sources, and
have had MAJOR issues with HP compiler bugs.)


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