gmp 4.1.4 build on 32 bit sparc8 misconfigures build as 64 bit for sparc9

Graham Leggett minfrin at
Thu Aug 4 16:25:20 CEST 2005

Torbjorn Granlund said:

> Clearly, that is not a "32 bit solaris8 machine", but more a "64
> bit solaris8 machine".  GMP is right to default to a 64-bit
> build.

If this was the case, then why would mpfr (and virtually all other
binaries on this system) default to 32 bit and complain that it is unable
to link to libgmp as the libgmp library is a 64 bit library? This seems
rather strange.

>   using ABI="64"
>         CC="gcc"
>         CFLAGS="-g -O2 -m64 -mptr64 -Wa,-xarch=v9 -mcpu=v9"
>         MPN_PATH=" sparc64 generic"
>   Setting the ABI environment variable to "32" works round the problem,
> but
>   this is not documented within the known issues anywhere, and is not
>   mentioned in the install docs.
> This is certainly mentioned in the manual, under ISA and ABI.

But not in the install docs.

> No bug, user error.

Documentation error.

Documentation that is misindexed (as here, where knowledge used in the
install is documented in some other random and unrelated location) may as
well not exist at all.

None of the install docs mention that the ABI is important, or even what
an ABI is or what it might be used for. To me, ABI stands for "Amalgamated
Beverage Canners", and manufacturer Coca Cola under license. Don't assume
that what may be obvious to one end user is obvious to another.


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