mpz_mul core dump - attempt 2

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Wed Sep 8 13:12:17 CEST 2004

Kate Minola <kminola at> writes:

  On the sparc-SunOS I have (ultrasparc2-sun-solaris2.8),
  stack(kbytes)        8192

  $ ./foo
  Segmentation Fault(coredump)

  stack(kbytes)        16892

  $ ./foo
  Segmentation Fault(coredump)

As I wrote earlier, I doubt this is stack related,
since you're not using the stack for allocations.

  I would be grateful for any suggestions of what I am
  doing wrong or overlooking.  If anyone can get the
  above code to run normally on their sparc-SunOS
  machine, what stack size are you using?
I don't have any system where I have been able to reproduce this
problem.  Somebody else need to debug this.  How about that you
debug it yourself?


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