GMP installation on Solaris2.7

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Wed Jan 7 11:45:09 CET 2004

"Zhifeng Li" <z-li1 at> writes:

  Sorry for forgetting to mention that I use gcc 3.3 compiler.

Somehow, your compiler installation must have gone wrong.
Note that you're getting lots of warnings about $line.
These are added by the compiler preprocessor, and if
the compiler proper cannot eat the output of the preprocessor,
then something is seriously wrong.

The error then happens since HAVE_STDARG was not detected during
configure.  If the compiler doesn't work properly, that is no

Since gcc 3.3 was quite buggy in other ways, I would suggest that
you upgrade to 3.3.2.

(You should be able to debug the compiler installation with a
hello world program that includes stdio.h.)


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