"make distclean" didn't remove .libs/assert.o

Vincent Lefevre vincent at vinc17.org
Wed Feb 18 18:07:23 CET 2004

In my GMP build directory, I had files from a previous compilation
(on x86). So, before reconfiguring GMP on a new architecture (IA64),
I did a "make distclean". But this didn't remove the .libs/assert.o
file. As a consequence, the compilation (linking, in fact) failed:

/usr/bin/ld: .libs/assert.o: Relocations in generic ELF (EM: 3)
.libs/assert.o: could not read symbols: File in wrong format
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Note: the previous configure was with the following options:

"'--prefix=/users/spaces/lefevre' '--exec-prefix=/users/spaces/lefevre/i686-linux' '--with-gmp=/users/spaces/lefevre/athlon/gmp-assert' '--includedir=/users/spaces/lefevre/athlon/gmp-assert/include' '--libdir=/users/spaces/lefevre/athlon/gmp-assert/lib' 'CC=gcc' 'CFLAGS=-Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -pedantic -DWANT_ASSERT -g -O2'"

and on IA64:

"--prefix=/users/spaces/lefevre --exec-prefix=/users/spaces/lefevre/ia64-linux --includedir=/users/spaces/lefevre/ia64-linux/gmp-assert/include --libdir=/users/spaces/lefevre/ia64-linux/gmp-assert/lib --enable-assert --disable-fft"

GMP version: 4.1.2

The problem may come from the fact that the configure script didn't
generate an architecture-independent rule for "make distclean", but
I'm not sure. In this case, this is very bad.

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