Kevin Ryde user42 at
Wed Feb 11 08:53:31 CET 2004

Jason <jasonmoxham at> writes:
> we get assertion failure
> mul_fft.c:996: GNU MP assertion failed: (pad_op +pl -pl3)[__i] == 0

Yep, happens for me too with debian gcc 3.2.3-5, but not gcc 3.3.3-pre
(both builds for k62).  Not sure where the dodginess might lie.  It
happens under -O0 too, which at least might make it debuggable.

Do you feel like tracing through with some printfs or whatever to see
where it first goes wrong?  The data will be the same in any 32-bit
build, if you can get one on a working system or compiler.

(This is unreleased code, so followups to gmp-devel I think.)

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