build error, ia64-hp-hpux11.23, gcc 3.3.4, gnu as 2.15

Michael Chastain mec.gnu at
Thu Aug 26 00:10:03 CEST 2004


I'm building gmp 4.1.3 on a native ia64-hp-hpux11.23 system.
I'm using gcc 3.3.4 and gnu as 2.15.

The "configure" script fails in the underscore test:

  checking if globals are prefixed by underscore...
  error: Test program links neither with nor without underscore.

I looked into this and found this text in conftes2.s:

	  .export _underscore_test

Looking at aclocal.m4, there are some tests to decide what
assembler syntax to use.  The tests switch on $host and ignore
the characteristics of the assembler that I'm actually using.

I worked around this by force-feeding the right values:

    export gmp_cv_asm_text
    export gmp_cv_asm_data
    export gmp_cv_asm_label_suffix
    export gmp_cv_asm_globl

The assignment to gmp_cv_asm_data is not necessary, but I did
it just for completeness.

With this workaround, configuration works.  Later on "make check"
fails but that is a separate problem.

I think that aclocal.m4 needs to change.  Instead of switching
on $host, aclocal.m4 should actually run $CCAS with several
possibilities to probe for the right values of all the
gmp_cv_asm_* variables, specifically the ones listed above.

Hope this helps,

Michael Chastain

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