compile error

Kevin Ryde user42 at
Sat Dec 20 10:25:46 CET 2003

Wu Zhenhua <zhenhua at> writes:
> "../gmp-impl.h", line 664.74: 1540-0063 (S) The text "__attribute__" is
> unexpected.

Those attributes are meant gcc, not xlc.

In config.log you should find a section starting

	configure:17423: checking whether gcc __attribute__ ((const)) works

where it ought to give "result: no" and in config.h leave
HAVE_ATTRIBUTE_CONST undefined.  You can check if that's happened.

You can remove the #defines of HAVE_ATTRIBUTE_CONST, MALLOC, MODE,
NORETURN in config.h if that's the cause of the problem.  But I'd like
to ensure the configure test gets the right answer.

> --with-gnu-ld=yes

I think libtool tries to detect that itself, you might like to let
that detection decide.

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