GMP 6.2.1 released

Marco Bodrato bodrato at
Sat Nov 14 22:40:30 UTC 2020

A new minor release of the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library
(GMP) is now available.  The new release is identified as 6.2.1.

The release can be downloaded from here:     (smallest)    (largest)

These files can also be found at the GNU main site as well as its many

Signature files are also available:

The 6.2.1 release is a bug fix release, with a few GMP bug fixes as well
as improved portability.

As usually, we repeat and underline: please run "make check" after 
built your library.  And if "make check" stops with an error, do not use 
compiled library.  When this happens, you've almost surely run into a
compiler bug, not a GMP bug, since we've of course made sure the library
passes its own test suite.  The first thing to try at this point is 
using a
different compiler.  See also

Thanks to both the broad testing and careful development, we expect
this to be a very stable release.

This release would not have been possible without the continuous work of
improvement, revision and refinement by the whole GMP team: Marco 
Marc Glisse, Torbjörn Granlund, and Niels Möller.

Important changes between GMP version 6.2.0 and 6.2.1

   * A possible overflow of type int is avoided for mpz_cmp on huge 

   * Overflows are more carefully detected and reported for mpz_pow_ui.

   * A bug in longlong.h for aarch64 sub_ddmmss, not affecting GMP, was 

   * mini-gmp: mpz_out_str and mpq_out_str now correctly handle out of
     range bases.

   * C90 compliance.

   * Initial support for Darwin on arm64, and improved portability.

   * Support for more processors.

   * None, except indirectly through recognition of new CPUs.


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