GMP site updates

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Sun Nov 3 00:04:16 CET 2013

* Update of certificates

The expired self-signed certificate for https connections has
now been replaced with a self-signed but unexpired certificate.

This causes some hassle with web browsers (at least it should!) when
using https.  To fix this in firefox, one needs to choose Edit ->
Preferences then choose Advanced and then Certificates; this will pop up
a new windows where you need to choose View Certificates -> Servers and
there locate all entries for  Delete them!  Then restart
firefox.  Chrome just asks you to make a "security exception".

Alternatively, you could use http and do nothing.  Our democratrix
governments will then feel gratitude towards you!

* Access to ftp area with http and https

The entire ftp area can now be accessed over http and https, using URLs
like  The main reason for this change is to
allow for encrypted file transfer.

* Compression for http and https

Our web server will now gzip html and text files if your web browser
supports that.  This will speed up browsing, at least if you have a slow
Internet connection.

* Upgrade of mailman

We've upgraded the list management software mailman to the latest
edition.  There should be few visible differences.


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