GMP 4.2.3 released

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Sun Aug 3 23:54:52 CEST 2008

Version 4.2.3 of the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library (GMP) is now
available at:

These files can also be found on a GNU mirror near you.

The web site for GMP is

It cannot be said enough times: Please run "make check" after you've built
your library.  And if "make check" stops with an error, do not use the
compiled library.  If this happens, you've almost surely run into a
compiler bug.  The first thing to try is using a different version of the
compiler.  See also

Changes between GMP version 4.2.2 and 4.2.3

  * Fix x86 CPU recognition code to properly identify recent AMD and Intel
    64-bit processors.
  * The >> operator of the C++ wrapper gmpxx.h now does floor rounding, not
  * Inline semantics now follow the C99 standard, and works with recent GCC
  * C++ bitwise logical operations work for more types.
  * For C++, gmp.h now includes cstdio, improving compiler compatibility.
  * Bases > 36 now work properly in mpf_set_str.

  * None, except that proper processor recognition helps affected processors.

  * The allocation functions now detect overflow of the mpz_t type.  This means
    that overflow will now cause an abort, except when the allocation
    computation itself overflows.  (Such overflow can probably only happen in
    powering functions; we will detect powering overflow in the future.)

For the GNU project,
Torbjörn Granlund

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