GMP «Arithmetic without limitations» HGCD2_DIV1_METHOD

  1. Limb division instruction (or libcall)
  2. Full bit-wise division without branches
  3. Branch-reduced code with straight line code for q < 8, else limb division instruction
  4. Extract NBITS high bits from dividend and corresponding bits from divisor, forming an index to a precomputed quotients table.
  5. Extract NBITS high bits from the divisor, forming an index to a precomputed inverses table.

host type abi host name meas
cfg file
applem1-unknown-linux-gnu 64 1 1 arm64/applem1/gmp-mparam.h
armcortexa57-unknown-linux-gnu 64 1 1 arm64/cora57/gmp-mparam.h
power10-unknown-linux-gnu mode64 1 1 powerpc64/mode64/p9/gmp-mparam.h
power8-unknown-linux-gnu mode64 1 1 powerpc64/mode64/p8/gmp-mparam.h
power9-unknown-linux-gnu mode64 1 1 powerpc64/mode64/p9/gmp-mparam.h
ultrasparc-sun-solaris2.11 64 1   sparc64/gmp-mparam.h
armxgene1-unknown-linux-gnu 64 5 5 arm64/xgene1/gmp-mparam.h
power7-unknown-linux-gnu mode64 5 5 powerpc64/mode64/p7/gmp-mparam.h
number of hosts: 8 med: 1 med: 1
cfg/meas avg: 1.00000 Table generated: 2024-07-16 11:49:03 (UTC)

  configured thresholds are up in the sky
  configured thresholds get a green light
  configured thresholds are down in the mud

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