GMP «Arithmetic without limitations» GCD_DC_THRESHOLD

host type abi host name meas
cfg file
power9-unknown-linux-gnu mode64 gmp-p9.novalocal-stat 293 321 powerpc64/mode64/p9/gmp-mparam.h
z15-ibm-linux-gnu 64 396 469 s390_64/gmp-mparam.h
z15esa-ibm-linux-gnu 32 658 389 s390_32/esame/gmp-mparam.h
number of hosts: 3 med: 293 med: 321
cfg/meas avg: 0.95530 Table generated: 2023-01-29 06:49:01 (UTC)

  configured thresholds are up in the sky
  configured thresholds get a green light
  configured thresholds are down in the mud

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