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Background to sec and cnd functions

Starting with GMP 5, we provide a public mpz_powm_sec function, supported by a corresponding mpn_sec_powm and mpn_cnd_sub_n (then called mpn_powm_sec and mpn_subcnd_n, respectively).

Starting with GMP 6, we provide a public set of mpn_sec functions.

The purpose for the sec and cnd functions is providing a basic set of side-channel silent function.

The functions never allocate their own scratch memory, since some applications will surely want to allocate "safe" memory.

Suggested list of functions

function visibility status
mpn_sec_powm public OK
mpn_sec_mul public OK
mpn_sec_sqr public OK
mpn_sec_div_qr public OK
mpn_sec_div_r public OK
mpn_sec_pi1_div_qr private? OK
mpn_sec_pi1_div_r private? OK
mpn_sec_add_1 public
mpn_sec_sub_1 public
mpn_cnd_neg public
mpn_cnd_swap public
mpn_sec_minvert public OK
mpn_cnd_add_n public OK
mpn_cnd_sub_n public OK
mpn_sec_tabselect public OK

Last modified: 2016-12-17