GMP «Arithmetic without limitations» GMP Repository Usage Tips

The GMP project uses Mercurial for its revision control. Mercurial is a distributed SCM, where each checkout is just another repository. Where the central repository lives is just an agreement between developers, not something Mercurial enforces.

Once you have Mercurial installed, do

hg clone TARGDIR

for the unstable development version, or

hg clone TARGDIR

for the current patch level of GMP 6.2.

A list of all repositories we publish are available at

See also the Mercurial quickstart guide.

Once you have your own repository, you need to generate some build files. Perhaps the script .bootstrap works out-of-the box; if it doesn't, you need to install automake (at least version 1.11.6) and autoconf (at least version 2.59) and then try .bootstrap again. You may safely ignore the 4 lines of warnings from libtoolize.

Do not use autoreconf; it will overwrite config.guess which in turn will cause any builds to be awful.

Now you should be able to build GMP as usually, i.e., with

configure OPTIONS
make check

Last modified: 2020-06-21